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Manali Bike Rental

Manali Bike Rental

Manali bike rental: Bike rental in Manali can be challenging so think before, you choose any dealer in Manali. We have the best & Genuine Bike for renting. We have also Scooty on rent in Manali. We will provide you the cheapest bike on rent in Manali.

Manali is one of the most beautiful places in India. And also one of the most visited places in India. Every year many of couples & friends came here and spend their holidays in the lap of nature. Manali has been changed by the passage of time. Tourist also changed and also their interest. Now mostly couple or friends came here and ask for some thrill and adventure. So now its become a trend to visit Many places of Kullu Manali on a Bike. Bike rentals in Manali are increasing day by day. With increasing in bike rentals it also increases fraud & scams. Many people came here for some quality time and get stuck in some proud of these bike rentals. So now it becomes more challenging to common people to rent a bike from the genuine person. In Himachal, it is not legalized yet to give your bike on rent If someone told you that he is lying. Maybe it will be done soon.

Why you should Visit Kullu-Manali In bike:

You can visit Kullu-Manali Either by taxi or bus it’s your choice but visiting Kullu-Manali on a bike or scooter is something special. While you visit Kullu-Manali in two-wheeler you can feel the fresh air as well as the fragrance that will tell you about the beautiful season. So it is highly recommended for the couple as well as friends. There are many advantages of riding on a bike in Kullu-Manali. You will never stick in a traffic jam in season. Traffic Jam is one of the regular problems in Kullu Manali in season. So there is only one way to bypass that jam is you must ride on two-wheeler.

Scooty on rent in Manali:

We also provide scooty in Manali. Because now its become a tradition to ride a scooty. We always got queries about renting scooty. Yes, it is a good choice to visit Kullu-Manali in scooty. Mostly couple asked for scooty. We have activa for rent in Manali as well as the wego. So don’t worry you can hire any of them at reasonable prices.:)

We have Bullet 350, 500, Himalayan in the category of Bullets. And also have activa, Wego ,Ray in scooty class. You can choose any of them for your dream trip. You also have the option to hire bike for more than 3 days. Price will be according to the vehicle.

Day 1

Whenever you reached your hotel, You can call us and tell us where to drop the bike. There is no need to come at our point. You can Book online as well as offline but offline will cost you little more.

Price Includes

  • Bike

Price Excludes

  • Fuel

Frequently Asked questions By Customers

What is the Cost for Renting a Bike ?

The cost is totally Depend on the bike model. If it is Bullet 350 the cost will be ₹1200. If it is Bullet 500 Then the price will be ₹1600 and so on. But the price for scooty and cycle are less.

Fuel is Included or Not ?

No, fuel is not included. You have to fill fuel at your own.

Is there any Documentation needed ?

Yes, documents are needed for hire a bike. You have to submit your Driving Licence and copy of Adhar card.

If some problem occurs in the bike after renting ?

If a problem occurs after hiring a bike then, in that case, you have to pay the amount for repair that thing whether it is a mechanical or accidental problem. So it is our request to check the bike properly before the renting.

  • No refund before 3 days.
  • 50% refund before 10 days.
  • 100% refund before 15 days.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From INR₹1,200 INR₹1,100/person
Total1,100 INR

Trip Facts

  • Driving Licence
  • Helmet
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