Spiti Valley Tour

7 Days 6 Nights
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In the upper Himalayan region exists Spiti Valley – the middle land, which is filled with wonders and sights that are unparalleled. Spiti Valley – where birds fly across the blue skies, while the towering mountains keep the secret of this land, safe in their shadows.

Spiti Valley – where chants ring across the rustic monasteries, and the villages lay perched on the far away slopes. Each looking like a dream you’d want to live.

Spiti Valley – where rivers meander through deserted valleys, where you’d stand and stare in disbelief that something like this can continue to exist beyond the usual destinations.

So join us on this journey to Spiti Valley, where you’d be taken away from the mundane by a monk on one of the afternoons, where he’d tell you about life in this land. Where you’d sit and stare at the stars, while sitting beside the river and wonder, how lucky are those who could experience this.

Spiti Valley is the land where you’d listen to stories that belongs to a lifestyle you had never imagined about ; where you’d visit a lake existing in the middle of nowhere, as if an oasis for the Gods who once lives here.

At 12,500 feet above sea level, Spiti Valley is where you’d see, a different side of Himalayas.

This guided and curated seven-day Spiti Valley road trip is designed for travellers looking for an authentic Spiti Valley experience in a week’s time. Shared by a small group of travellers, this Spiti Valley Tour includes travelling in a comfortable Force Traveller to some of the most popular villages of Spiti Valley including Asia’s highest villages – Komik and Kibber.

Marvel at the wondrous structure of the Ki Monastery and get ready to be amazed by the Tabo Monastery – a 1020-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. End this tour on a high note (literally), as you spend a night, gazing at the Milky Way and the millions of stars while camping around the stunningly beautiful Chandratal Lake.

Camping Accommodations
Breakfast Professional guide
Transportation for all  days. Driver allowance
Permit for Rohtang Scorpio or Isuzu Dmax Vcross or Innvoa.
Personal Expenses
Lunch & Dinner
First day transportation
Last day Stay in Manali.
Tickets for Monastery.



Arrival at Manali

Your seven-day Spiti Valley Tour begins as you leave the urban scape for the Himalayan town of Manali, where you get your first taste of the Himalayas. Manali today is an attractive blend of a hill, town and holiday resorts.

You'll be free to explore Manali on foot this day.
Overnight at a hotel in Manal


Drive from Manali - Rohtang Pass - Kunzum Pass - Kaza

We begin our journey on the 200-kilometre (125 mile) road from Manali to Kaza in Spiti. As we pass through the popular adventure-haven Rohtang Pass at 13,054 feet, we experience a dramatic change in the landscape around us, from dense forested Hills to Rocky barren plains and peaks. This road is a scenic rollercoaster, into the desolate and stunning brown landscape approaching Chattru and Batal. At 14,931 feet, we are welcomed by the chilly air at Kunzum Pass, descending into Losar Village, the first in Spiti Valley.

We reach Kaza by evening, and enjoy our night at a comfortable hotel.
Overnight at a hotel in Kaza.


Drive from Kaza - Pin Valley - Mudh Village - Kaza

On the third day of our Spiti Valley tour, we drive towards the beautiful Pin Valley.

From snow-clad mountains to lush green lands, Pin Valley promises an abundance of animals and birds, with some rare plant varieties, and trekking opportunities for the adventure-seekers.

In addition, other animals indigenous to the region and park are the Siberian ibex, Bharal, weasel, red fox, and marten. Birds such as the Pika, griffon, golden eagle, bearded vulture, Chukor and Raven paint the skies a pretty picture. We make our way to the Kungri Monastery, and then to the beautiful hamlet of Mudh – the last motorable village of the Pin Valley. We end this day with a bonfire by the river.

With serene landscapes, the warmth of the fire, complemented by the rhythmic flow of the gushing water, we enjoy our piping hot tea, and head back to Kaza by night.


Drive from Kaza - Ki Monastery - Langza - Komik - Hikkim - Kaza

On the third day of our Spiti Valley Tour, we drive to some of the highest inhabited regions of the world.

We begin our day by heading to Komik, which literally translates to “eye of a snow cock”, the highest village in Asia situated at the height of 14,806 feet. With the tiny population of 84 people, this isolated farm village is surrounded by soft brown pastures and snow-white mountain peaks.

We further drive to the world’s highest post office in the world in Hikkim, where you may even meet the post-master and hear his stories.

After sending a postcard out, we drive to the picturesque village of Langza. As you walk back to the prehistoric era when Spiti was submerged by the Tethys Sea, as you explore a land very rich with fossils of Marine animals and plants which were here millions of years ago.

Today, we also visit the world-famous Ki Monastery, situated at a height of 13,668 feet. With over 1000 years’ worth stories to tell, Ki Monastery was founded by the discipline of the famous Atisha in the 11th century CE. Before making our way to the monastery, the we’ll make a quick stop at the base of the monastery hill for the ultimate photo-opportunity of this remarkable structure. Belonging to the Yellow Hat or Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, this monastery is famous as a prominent centre of learning.
A monk guides us through the monastery as we overlook the endless plains, seeking peace and calm.

We drive back to Kaza by evening, and spend the night at our comfortable hotel.


Drive from Kaza - Tabo - Dhankar. Trek from Dhankar to Lhalung

After having breakfast we will start our journey towards Pangong Tso. Pangong lake is just 155 KM far from Leh and it is one of the most beautiful lake in the world. This day you have choice to come back on same day or we can stay for one night in Pangong. Pangong is also known for 3 idiots movie.


Drive from Lhalung - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum Pass - Chandratal Lake

This day, we commence our journey back home and trace our steps back on the Kaza – Manali road.

However, we take a stop at the picturesque village of Kibber, before heading to another Spitian wonder – Chandratal Lake. Located at a height of 4,205 meters and 18 km from Kaza, Kibber is also a popular base camp to embark on adventure and treks to adjoining mountains of high altitude. The expanses of beautiful landscapes and immeasurable beauty of the snow-tipped mountains make the place a haven for nature-lovers and photographers alike.

From Kibber, we make our way to the mystical and beautiful Chandratal Lake, which translates to Moon Lake, located at a height of 14,100 feet. The Chandra Bhaga mountain range forms a striking backdrop for the lake, which changes appearance according to the pictures painted in the sky. After capturing the colours of the beautiful Chandratal Lake, we drive to our camping site where a hot supper under the gaze of a million stars and the Milky Way awaits us.


Drive from Chandratal Lake - Batal - Chattru - Rohtang Pass - Manali

With visuals of the stunning Chandratal Lake captured in minds and cameras, we continue driving on the Kaza – Manali road and after a few hours of driving and some more stunning landscape, we pass through the famous Rohtang Pass and reach Manali where we bid goodbye to our driver to end our breath-taking Spiti Valley sojourn.


27 reviews for Spiti Valley Tour

  1. Rohan

    The trip was awesome but the road was so much bad…Thanks kol and naveen thakur

  2. Saurabh

    I loved travelling with KPL. The best thing about Spiti valley is Chandratal. It is a beautiful crystal clear lake that takes the breath away.

  3. Sejal Katoch

    Spiti valley is very beautiful. We travelled from Manali through Lahaul to Spiti. We saw Chandratal, Key Monastery, Kunzum pass and Kaza. Every spot was beautiful 😍 and KPL team was very hospitable.

  4. Rahul Ghosh

    Kallngoo ke sabhi team members bahut ache hain. Humesha helping aur caring. Main sabhi ko KPL ke saath Himachal travel karne ko zaroor recommend karunga.

  5. Ritika Guatam

    thanks KPL team for making our trip smooth on tough road, I have never seen road like this.

  6. Radhika

    I did Spiti tour with KPL in 2018. I must say the team members were very professional, caring, and friendly at the same time. There were times when one of my family member got sick. But KPL handled the situation even in the harsh conditions. Seriously I would love to travel with them again and again.

  7. Shivam

    Spiti Valley is truely nature’s divine creation. Each and every landscape there is miraculous. I enjoyed every second in the valley. I would love to visit it again with KPL.

  8. Akarsh Sharma

    KPL aur Himachal ki vaadiyaan dono bilkul perfect combination hai. KPL se acha koi nhi aur Himachal se sundar koi nahi.

  9. Harman Singh

    Spiti was a beautiful place pr waha pahunchana was not easy job. Salute to KPL team for taking care of every thing to make us comfortable.

  10. Tushar Mankotia

    Kpl team ko bahut bahut dhanyawad 🙏 Spiti bahut hi sundar jagah hai. Chandratal aur Key monastery ne to dil jeet liya. Main baar baar Himachal aana chahunga👍

  11. Shubham

    The road was so bad,, our innova was stuck many times. But thanks KPL for everything..

  12. Amir rashid

    The road was so tough and in bad condition but our driver was tough for that road too. Next time again with KPL.

  13. Baldeep


  14. Varun davan

    I want to thank KPL..who organise my tour with other unknown person..it was a great experience.

  15. Kamtikar

    Thanks KPL for making this trip. And it was an amazing trip with you guys..😲😲😲

  16. shinam

    from gramphu to batal the road was in bad condition means in very bad condition after that you can expect better road. But hats off to our driver or tour coordinator who manage everything so well.

  17. Chandni Sinha

    We enjoyed a-lot in the whole trip and the most important thing when we saw the road first time it was like hell. Thanks to KPL for making this trip awesome.

  18. RajanSharma

    Thanks to KPL for making our trip awesome.☺☺☺☺and the most important thing when we saw the road first time it was like hell

  19. Jon Ciliberto

    Traveling to Spiti, and spending six weeks there, was one of the amazing times in my life. If you like remote, beautiful, awe-inspiring places: by all means contact Spiti Valley Tours and go !

  20. Debasree Dhamali

    I along with my family went with them spiti valley this summer. They made amazing arrangements for us. Excellent hotels and comfortable homestay in every place which make our trip more comfortable and memorable. Since the most of the place is situated in high altitude, it was impossible to make such arrangements. But they did it in every place. We are sincerely thankful to them for making our journey so amazing. Thank you.kpl team

  21. Irma Delacombaz

    I highly recommend kpl expeditions of Spiti Valley Tours. Great people with great hospitality.

  22. Smit Kapadia

    Vey nicely tour arranged. Provided very skilled driver and it was a awesome experience which we never forget.Homestay experience at Langza was very unique and must do thing.

  23. Gigi Ray

    The team were very kind people who I am grateful to for showing me Spiti.
    They asked what I wanted, what time I could give and took the time to make a personalised itinery to match me. With their intimate knowledge and love of the Spiti, I could tell it was important to them for me to have a wonderful experience. Thank you so much! kpl team

  24. David Weinreb

    We trekked with Spiti Valley Tours . It was an outstanding experience. We felt safe, cared for, well-fed, supported, and coached throughout the entire experience. The pre-trek communication was very helpful and informative, and we really had an incredible life experience. Travel with them!thanks for kpl expeditions

  25. Mauricio Bedolla

    Best experience team and full of knowledge about the places thanks for kpl team

  26. Amish Sheth

    Had an amazing time and an all round adventure travelling to Spiti Valley with Spiti valley tours by kpl expeditions and the entire team.Everything was well managed right from food,travel and stay.In one word would rate this agency as EXCELLENT.

  27. Dimdu L Karvo

    Best travel company in Himachal kpl expeditions and good service good guidness

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