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The Sainj Valley conjures up images of quaint cottages, lush green fields, backdrop of sweet-sounding birds chirping, and serene surroundings for you. This easy-moderate trek located at an altitude of 6890 feet is one of the perfect getaways for the adrenaline junkies. You will find the snow-covered pine trees along the path that is split into grasslands and clearings, where you can dip your toes in different landscapes.
The Shangarh meadows, the Great Himalayan National Park, the virgin picturesque beauty of the Sainj village, the divine waters of the Pundrik Rishi Lake, and sighting waterfalls of the Kullu Valley will leave you mystified for life.

Dome tents on sharing basis Accommodations
Meals Breakfast and dinner Professional Trek guide
Safety equipment.


Drive to Shangarh from Aut. Trek up to Tindadhar.

Traversing a distance of 40 kilometers you reach Aut, a town on the highway of Delhi-Manali. You will be picked from here to be taken off to Shangarh that lies 25 kilometers away.

The Shangarh Road heads north-west and you pass through the three kilometers long Aut tunnel to reach the huge lake formed at the confluence of Sainj, Tirthan and Beas rivers (Larji Dam).

The trail begins next to the Ropa forest guest house where after ascending gradually for about one kilometer, you will see a flowing stream. This trail has a rich flora, and fauna with noteworthy bird species.

You will be bowled over by the rhododendron, fir, deodar and spruce trees dotting the landscape besides hearing the twitter of several birds. These birds include the western tragopan, blue magpie, brown fronted pied woodpecker, and little forktail.

As you keep climbing uphill you pass many Sainj river dams and after hours of continuous trekking you reach the Sainj Valley.

Soaking in the beauty of the trail that has the dominant peaks of Raktisar glacier you pass the Dalogi and Lower Nai villages to reach the Tindadhar campsite.

The next leg of the Sainj Valley Trek begins as you take the uphill trail from the campsite passing through dense forests.

In a span of thirty minutes you make it to a colossal waterfall and a place called Nuhada. Here, you spend some time before you head back to the Tindadhar campsite.


Trek up to Pundrik Lake from Tindadhar. Head back Ropa and drive back to Aut.

The second day of the Sainj Valley Trek begins with you taking the same trail that you took to reach the waterfall on the first day.

After trekking for forty minutes straight through the jungle you reach the Sarahan village. The best part about this Sainj Valley Trek is that you get to witness the beauty of the hamlet’s uniquely constructed homes.

Taking in the views of the flowers and the green farms you reach the wooden temple dedicated to Rishi Pundrik and another government school.

Continuing beyond and trekking for another twenty minutes you reach grassland with knee-length grass growing. It almost feels like you are floating above the water and this beautiful location is the Pundrik Lake.

Spend some quality time here and then return to the Sarahan village tracing your way on the same trail.

Taking the road trail to reach Ropa after 2.5 hours marks the end of your Sainj Valley Trek.


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  1. Rajput Amit Thakur

    awesome sainj valley, nice people and so much clean and so much green and good service kpl team

  2. Ashish Atwal

    Owsem Valley .
    Slowly slowly people was know about this valley. So much piece in this place. N so much clean n so much green..

  3. Narender Negi

    Nice place…. so much peace along with the amazing greenery filled hills and mountains

  4. Paul Daleep Singh

    sainj velley is one of the best destination for tourists point of view

  5. Vipin Kalia

    Superb place guarded by nature itself. It is beautiful because it is still unexplored..

  6. Devil Dhillon

    Beautiful place if u love peace and nature lover then definitely visit this place

  7. yogesh thakur

    Very nice view once again we have to see the pundrik rishi lake

  8. Rohit Gaba

    lush green open valley surrounded by mountains making a view like heaven

  9. Prateek Katiyar

    Nice place…. so much peace along with the amazing greenery filled hills and mountains

  10. Chetan Sharma

    this valley beauty is preserved only due to less footfall of tourists…I hope this valley beauty will remain as it is.

  11. Ankush sharma

    A less known place in kullu (sainj) in deohari village on must here and very nice place

  12. Himanshu Kumar

    beautiful place with a full nature one time we will come again

  13. Archana Sharma

    Beautiful destination to enjoy holidays in a peaceful surroundings.

  14. rohan

    sainj valley is a very nice place ,we have had a lot of time to visit ,one time we will come again

  15. R.K. Krishna

    Very beautiful valley…….Nice people…I love valley thanks for kpl team

  16. gurpreet saini

    This one is amazing and beautiful place thanks for kpl team

  17. Pawan Jindal

    you feel heavenly while being there..people are so lovely and natural beauty is at its best…

  18. Rajat Suman

    Good place lot of peace. Humble villagers.thanks for kpl team

  19. Prateek Katiyar

    Osm view Op feeling ,I think we all have to go pundrik rishi lake kpl team was very nice

  20. Sk boss

    Osm view superb place guarded by nature itself very beautiful valley ……..nice people i love valley

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