kheerganga trek

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The journey starts as soon as you reach Barshaini. After a nice breakfast, your trekking to the Kheerganga begins.
You will see the specialty of Kheerganga which is a river that flows through it which has the color of ‘Kheer’(an Indian sweet dish).
Kheerganga will give you a mesmerizing view of its beauty just like the other spots of Himachal Pradesh.
Indian places are incomplete without sacred places. So, here it is a beautiful temple. With the clean walkways, trekkers will have an awesome experience.

Camping Charges Accommodations
Meals Professional Trek guide
Safety equipment. Personal Insurance
Rucksack – 60 liters Gaiters
Gst 5%.
Personal Expenses
Transportation and food to and from the base camp
First day transportation
Cost of Emergency


Kasol - Chalal - Kasol Campsite

Misty morning, tall trees, untouched hills and a breath of fresh air - this exactly what Kasol is! Upon reaching Kasol and a bit of
walking, reach your campsite. Enjoy the greener and a happier space by the riverside. Take some rest. Once you are up and
ready, it will be time to explore the ‘Little Amsterdam’ while making our way to Chalal. While a walk through the lanes of Kasol,
you will notice many Israeli cafes and shops to buy your souvenirs from. Gradually, we will walk towards, what is known as
Trance and Psychedelic party village- Chalaal. This little village is tucked in the conifer dense forest. The walk doesn’t take
more than 2 hours hyphenated with breaks.
One can sit at the end of the village admiring the beauty of fiercely flowing Parvati river. Later in the evening, we will come back
to the camping site; dance the night away around a bonfire while having taste-buds teasing dinner



Leave for Kheergnaga after Brekfast(Trasnportation is not incuded form Kasol- Barsheni).Walking through rivers, waterfalls, holding on to dear life on narrow walkways, apple orchards - you name it. If you're a regular hiker then this one is a dream to do. One of the most beautiful treks, so picturesque that you feel an impulse to reach for your camera or pinch yourself hard to make sure it’s real. The amazing landscapes, waterfalls and the alpine meadows are bound to make you stop and feel it and soak it in! Trek from Tosh to Kheer Ganga is 15km. The first cafe comes after 7 Km which will indicate half battle won! Literally. Then comes Rudra Naag cafe in another 3 to 5 km. If you're calling it quits at this point then we'd highly recommend that you carry on the climb - heaven awaits you at the end of it. All your tiredness will be washed away with a sight of the mystical hot springs of Kheerganga. 10 minutes into the pool and you'll be tripping because of the sulphur fumes.
Later, we will gather around the bonfire, have our tummies full and spend the night under a beautiful blanket of stars.



EIt seems like a spectrum painted on the canvas. Spend some time doing nothing atall.
There's joy in doing nothing at all. Just laze around in the grass under towering pine trees with the sun filtering through the foliage.While coming back be prepared to leave a part of yourself behind. Once you reach Barshaini, you will be driven to Kasol. And then it's time to bid adieu.


23 reviews for kheerganga trek

  1. Krisha Tomar

    It was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful way of spending time with and in nature. I had the opportunity to walk along the Parvati River, between the mountains. Also see the various waterfalls and enjoy the view of snow topped mountains. You go through the jungle and see various flora and fauna which is not visible in the cities. And when I completed the trek, it filled me with confidence and I was so happy and relieved. It sure can seem difficult between the journey but it’s worth it. It really was an amazing journey.

  2. SpraklingBen

    awesome place to hang out on a trip…. But the most amazing thing is the hot water tub… All me body pain was gone off… Realy amazing if i get chance surly i would like to visit again. �

  3. Sourav Saha

    heavenly place on Earth. Every people should visit once, twice, thrice… in their life time.. really worth of trekking for 3.5 hours for the natural hot springs..

  4. Arka Bhowmik

    Kheerganga is the best place in Himachal. Situated away from the hustle & bustle . Its a beautiful place surrounded by mountains .

  5. Rahul Dixit

    Awesome trek. Mountains lovers and adventure love must go.

  6. Vinay Malkotia

    Magical valley… is my first trekking ..and I have enjoyed a lot…through kalga village …we started…..towards the magical journey….

  7. Lavish Chhabra

    That was a wonderful experience , kheerganga is heaven and way to kheerganga from barshani is adventure you will surely love it

  8. Anshul Gupta

    I fell in love with the valley . Trek is long and it’s highly recommended to trek in sunny weather . Carry warm clothes as it gets very cold at night

  9. Er Shubham Saini

    It was amazing trip for me. I fully enjoyed there. The track of kheerganga is also awesome. It’s very dangerous track and I like this type of way soo much.

  10. Kiran Kant

    Wow such a beautiful place and also hiking and trekking camping thanks kpl team

  11. Aksh Sharma

    Owsm place you will love the result of your long 14 km of treking peace with beauty of nature..

  12. Aayush Sharma

    Place where you can find peace out of yourself.,when you dive in hot spring water and wish your best for yourself from bholenaath at temple

  13. Mahesh Kumar

    It is really a life time experience with lots of fun and enjoyment…one who love adventures must have to go there.

  14. Aayushi Mukul

    Peace full area and love alot it and camp fun and temple and hot spring and relex fun full on boom shiva

  15. Gagan Sama

    Nice place for camping in the feet of nature… I stay here for 2 nights enjoy nature, hot water spring To much….and good service kpl team

  16. Harman SoHal

    Awesome trek and awesome experience at the destination. Just loved it

  17. Bharat Ahuja

    This is the best place I ever see This is hevean in earth In life 1time must be visit this place good service kpl team thank u so much

  18. Vaibhav Singh

    Trek is easy n people over there are nice. If you love adventure then just do it.

  19. Palwinder Singh

    Awesome place for nature lover …all trek is very beautiful..

  20. Pritam Singh

    WOW ! Fantastic experience…… hot water spring at -10•c . Take the forest route for going up and the regular one for coming back !

  21. Ashish Gupta

    owsm place …. the tracking from bersaini to kheerganga is very good… fav. place to hang with friends….

  22. Praveen Sahu

    It’s a wonderful place. The trek is also not so difficult, it’s easy to moderate. Even it’s your first trek, you can do it without any problem. You can find accomodation up there easily but book in advance with a guide in the peak season. The hot water spring is really good (different for men and women), you must go to the spring if you visit there. And have fun, and good service treval company

  23. Rashmi shetty

    This is a once in a lifetime experience for me. Must visit this place.

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