Bijli Mahadev Trek

2 Days 1 Night
  • Bijli Mahadev Trek
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  • Bijli Mahadev Trek from Kullu
  • Bijli Mahadev Trek
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If you are looking for one day trekking and camping then Bijli Mahadev trekking will be best for you. Bijli Mahadev situated at the height of 2460M from sea level. Bijli Mahadev is one of the most beautiful trek in Kullu. Its a just 2 hr trek for beginners. Bijli Mahadev is just 21KM from Kullu Main City. You can go there and can do camping as well. If you are coming with your family then you must try this because this is a family tour camping. Because its not too hard to do so.

Why You must Bijli Mahadev trek:

If you are not a trekking lover but loven of a adventure like camping then you must do this trek because in this trek there is less effort but the views from Bijli Mahadev is Spectacular. You can see whole Kullu Valley from the top of the Bijli Mahadev.

What is on the Top of Bijli Mahadev:

There is a beautiful Shiv temple at the top. From where you can listen the voice of Paravti river that running in the bottom of that beautiful Mountain.

 BEST TIME   December to June & September to November.
Dinner & Breakfast
Personal Expenses




Kullu to Bijli Mahadev

The total road you have to cover is 20 Km from Kullu Main city. After that you have to trekk for 3 to 4KM. Night stay will be in the camps.


Bijli Mahadev to Kullu

After getting the darshan or having you breakfast you can start you journey back to Kullu.

4 reviews for Bijli Mahadev Trek

  1. Raghav

    Why bholenath resides on this beautiful location. Kash hum yaha reh pate. A must visit Place.

  2. SUMI

    We were total 5 friend and we went here on 2 jan 2019. That moment when snow falls was epic. I will always remember this place. BUt the night was very cold.🤧🤧🤧🤧

  3. Shimya

    One of the amazing place I have ever seen.

  4. Simran Kaur

    Me and my husband came here for camping, I loved this location but if you are coming in winter please try to put trekking shoes rather than simple shoe. Varna gir padoge jaise hum gire.

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