Beas kund Trek

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Beas Kund is a thousand-year-old alpine lake that sits royally amidst the mountains of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 3,810 meters. This taintless beauty is the origin of Beas River, which is believed to be the water body where Sage Vyas use to take bath while he meditated and wrote the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. Beas Kund is the famous trek of Manali with lush green grasslands below the summits of the three biggest mountains around Manali and hidden in these grasslands is the emerald lake. The contrasting sight of this serene water body nestled in between jagged mountain peaks of the Pir Panjal range adds to the beauty of the lake. Your camping experience will be worth remembering with the picturesque view of the sparkling rivers and verdant mountains

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION   Byas kund/solang valley
Camping Charges Accommodations
Meals Professional Trek guide
Safety equipment. Personal Insurance
Rucksack – 60 liters Gaiters
Gst 5%.
Personal Expenses
Transportation and food to and from the base camp
First day transportation
Cost of Emergency


Solang Valley to Dhundi

Arrive in Solang Valley and meet the guide.
The trek to Dhundi begins on Day 1.
You will be given your packed lunch and dinner to carry on the trek.
At the end of the trek, you will finally reach Dhundi, which is a beautiful spot with the river Beas flowing right beside you.
Dhundi is also famous for an unbeatable view of the Hanuman Tibba.
Overnight stay in camps.


Dhundi - Beas Kund- Bakartach- Dhundi

Wake up and enjoy the lip-smacking breakfast to fuel yourself for the trek. Begin the trek to Bakartach. You will be carrying all the packed meals with you.
The climb to Bakartach is a little strenuous yet rewarding at the same time. The campsite here is beautiful, beside the river and one of the best experiences ever.
You will notice the scenery changing around you as the vegetation keeps getting sparse and you can see the glacier from a distance.
After about walking for 4 hours, you will arrive at the Beas Kund, a lake with strikingly blue waters surrounded by high mountains and on occasion, purple wildflowers.
After spending a short while on the bank of the lake and taking pictures here, you will trek back down to the campsite in Dhundi.


Dhundi To Solang Valley

After early morning breakfast, start the trek back to the Solang Valley to bring the trip to an end.
Once at Solang Valley, you can choose to take a bus or a shared taxi back to Manali, or can participate in any of the activities here on your own.


19 reviews for Beas kund Trek

  1. Khekh Ram Thakur

    Wonderful Trek and Amazing experience. About Beas Trek its all about easy walk, great views – had a super guide who showed us around. The guides were very helpful to us during the time of trek.good service for kpl team

  2. Swapnil Roy

    Amazing experience, treval company is an amazing trek guide who gave us a wholesome experience of a trek, right from setting up camps to sumptous meals at extreme weather conditions.Would surely recommend to anyone in the Himachal region for adventure activities and treks thanks for kpl team

  3. Vikram Meel

    Amazing view of the river ”Beas” and the ”Beas kund”.The overall experience like tasting something sacred and earthy at once. I would like to go there again.

  4. Shakti Arora

    Beas kund” is the famous trekking spot.When me and my friends went there our starting point of trekking was from Solang Nala and ending point was at Beas kund. I really appreciate the arrangements made by our organizers and a big thank you to our tour guide for making this trip so comfortable.

  5. Jay Jain

    The place is challenging and beautiful all at once! kpl team made it a reality for us! Must visit place with your friends and family!

  6. Gopi Achari

    The himachal pradesh is very beautiful place. our trek to Beas kund was indeed very beautiful. the green landscapes and snow made it really exciting and motivating. trekking was awesome. we were a group of 6 and we enjoyed alot in the complete tour.

  7. Bhilangana Gowda

    Himachal Pradesh has always been my favorite vacation destination. About Beas Trek its all about easy walk, great views – had a super guide who showed us around. The guides were very helpful to us during the time of trek.

  8. Ranjit Malik

    Beas Kund trekking experience was heavenly. We had a great trekking adventure here. It is one of the most beautiful treks ever. The trek was little costly and there were no discounts. That was the only flaw that I found with this otherwise amazing trek.

  9. Himadri Dubashi

    Trekking in Manali is thrilling experience for me and my wife .We saw the beautiful glaciated lake of Beas kund. The disappointing thing was the lack of connectivity, still we enjoyed being there.

  10. Chandravati Tagore

    Beas kund trek reminded me of Kashmir – beautiful valleys, green mountains, clear blue sky and un-ending peace. Great place , loved the trek – kudos to our trekking guide fora marvelous job. Awesome experience.

  11. Dhana Verma

    Beas Kund is one of the most popular treks that one can do in a longer weekend in Manali. The trek takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your city life. The trek was so nice and very refreshing for me and my friends.

  12. Virender Thakur

    Most beautiful trek of Manali, nice services and good staff, cook was reallly amazing.thanks for kpl expedition

  13. Sushil Thakur

    Wonderful experience with kpl team Nice tour and travels.thank for kpl team

  14. Nikhil Chopra

    perfect trek to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the Himalayas. The slopes within the trek, we enjoyed the most. If you wanna go for this one, make sure you are well prepared for the trek. The place will definitely make you visit himalayas again.

  15. Ram Chand

    Such a nice Trek, everybody must do this Trek with these local guys of solang Valley thanks for kpl team

  16. Kbu Shandil

    This is very nice trek and do this trek with kpl team, they are very helpful local guys from Manali. I recommend the team kpl expeditions

  17. mayukh barua

    Amazing trek, very customized and great experience. Right from setting up the camp to getting logs for the bonfire, we got the complete experience. Loved it and kpl team a wonderful guide! Very helpful kpl team, fun and full of life. Looking forward to more such experiences! thanks for kpl team


    Beautiful weekend Trek in Manali, Western Himalayas. Very professional staff, reasonable price and best tour operators thank u so much kpl team

  19. Ajit Jain

    Beas kund is a small place but very good .You can enjoy over there. The place has lot of eye catching and attractive places, we were delighted to go there. It was a lovely experience.

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