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Tirthan Valley

May 11, 2018

Tirthan valley

Tirthan valley got its name after the sacred water “Tirth” which flows down from the Hanskund peak(4800M). Tirthan valley is not famous or you can say not much overcrowded like other (MANALI PARVATI). If you really want peaceful place then you should go to this valley. Tirthan valley is located in Distt Kullu Himachal Pradesh and has the max altitude of its beautiful GHNP around 19000F. Tirthan valley has many beautiful unexplored places like Nue, Shangarh, Sainj, Jalori Pass, Rudarfort, Seolsar Lake etc. There are lots of other hidden and beautiful places in this valley. In this blog, I will try to complete all the beautiful and important part of Tirthan valley.

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How to reach Tirthan Valley:

Before anything else, you must have some knowledge of these places because Tirthan valley is not that much small that you will visit in 1 day. So, first of all, decide where you actually want to go like whether it is GHNP, Seolsar, Jibhi Etc.

tirthan valley

It is not that much difficult to reach Tirthan valley, It depends on you that from where you are coming. If you are coming from Delhi then first you have to take Volvo from Delhi. Here a question arises that which bus should I take? The answer is Delhi to Manali Volvo. You will get your bus after 5 pm from majnu ka tila or Kashmiri gate as well. After you get on the bus all you have to do is buy a ticket until Bhuntar.

Camping in tirthan valley

After that you get off from the bus at the Aut station it is approx. 14 km before from the bhuntar. From Delhi to Manali there is only one tunnel that you have to cross in aut. Aut is the station where you depart from Bhuntar route. Try to reach Aut after 7 AM because you will get a bus after that only. From Aut you can take the bus to your next destination whether it is GHNP or Seolsar. If you want that someone helps you to host your trip then you should click Here.

Best Time to visit Tirthan Valley:

The best time to visit Tirthan valley is in Summer as well as in Winter because in summer you can enjoy the low temperature here with the beautiful lush green mountains. And in winter you will find snow-capped mountains. You can also have the experience of watching Snow leopard in GHNP. I recommend you to not come in monsoon because of heavy rainfall and landslide.

camping in tirthan valley

Hotels in Tirthan Valley:

In Tirthan valley you don’t find any 3-star or 5-star hotel but you will find beautiful small guesthouses. You can also have the experience of local life by living in the traditional rentals. Tirthan valley also has many local deities so you can also have the chance to get yourself in devotion mode. Even I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that you can also meditate here.

Tirthan valley Temperature:

This valley is very beautiful and calm or we can say this valley has a very pleasant temperature. In summer the temperature will max around 20degree or in winter fall down to -10Degree. So if you are coming in winter then you must take care of yourself more.

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Tirthan Valley treks:

In Tirthan valley, you may have 3 to 4 best treks

  • GHNP Trek:

GHNP situated in Banjaar Sub-division of Distt Kullu In Himachal Pradesh in Western Region of Himalaya.

Tirthan Valley trek

This is not a small trek because it totally depends on you that how many days do you have because you can spend 4 days to 50 days here only in GHNP to explore this. The great Himalayan national park is something different from another trek for this reason because in this trek you will find waterfalls, meadows, devdar forests snow leopard etc. This is totally unexpected trek you won’t predict the future while you trek on these trails. Himalaya has 10% of the world and 50 % of Indian plant species.

  • Seolsar lake trek:

Seolsar lake is situated at an altitude of 3200M above sea level. For reaching serolsar you have to take a bus from Aut to Jalori pass after Jalori passes your trek will start the total distance of this trek is around 4KM and the trail is very nice and not a much steeper.

serolsar lake

On more best thing about this trek is in summer you will not get direct sunlight because you will have baan tree for protecting you from direct sunlight. Be careful in the evening because you may have attacked by wild animals. Serolsar lake is also called as Bhudhi Nagin trek because in Serolsar lake there is a beautiful temple.

  • Raghupur Fort Jalori:

Raghupur fort is total 3km far from the jalori pass and you won’t find any fort but you will find the ruin. But the view from 3540M is awesome and spectacular. This place is best for a day hike as well as for the night camping. The problem you may face only is you won’t find water to drink, so you have to take water with you.

  • Shangarh:

For reaching shangarh you have two options either by trekking or you can reach there by car also. Whatever the way you choose it is your choice but one thing that I am giving you the guarantee that this is one of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal.

camping at serolsar lake

The best place to live before any of these treks:

In Tirthan valley you will find some beautiful places with basic facility. Jibhi, Banjaar, and Sainj these are some small town & you will find these places very quiet and beautiful. In Jibhi you will find beautiful cottage (Kulluvi style).

Seorolsar lake trek

One very important thing that before any trek you can buy important stuff from Banjaar. Jibhi & Banjaar is also a great destination for fishing. Trout fishing is one of the best sport in Tirthan valley. If you are a fish lover then this place is for you.

Why you should visit Tirthan Valley:

There are many reasons for visiting Tirthan valley but especially if you are adventure lover or need some time in heaven with less crowdy place then this place would be the Jannat for you. Chehni Kothi, Shringa Rishi are some beautiful structure you should visit. If you have any queries regarding this valley you can ask in comment section.