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How to Get Rohtang pass Permit

May 26, 2018

Rohtang Pass Permit

Rohtang pass permit is a big issue nowadays because of NGT. This Pass is one of the most beautiful places on earth at the height of 13050 F. Rohtang pass is the place where everyone wants to go at least once in their lifetime. We can’t express the beauty of Rohtang in words because Rohtang pass changes its beauty within second as you can see in following videos. Rohtang pass is 51Km from the Manali. After Manali, you will fall in love with the beauty of Kothi, Gulaba, Marhi and at last the Rohtang pass. But just wait before you are thinking about Rohtang pass beauty just throw some light on these difficulties you will going to face before getting there.

Need Permit for Rohtang pass

Rohtang pass is not an easy task to complete because it is more difficult to get Rohtang pass permit. It is very easy to get a pass in your board exam but it is more difficult to find Rohtang pass permit. If you are not agreed with my statement then you should check for Rohtang pass permit right now.

Why you need Rohtang pass Permit

This is the gift that had given by NGT (National Green Tribunal) to Nature. According to this rule, 800 Petrol and 400 Diesel Vehicle will get Rohtang pass permit. The reason behind this rule is also the traffic jam because before this rule there was no restriction for Rohtang pass, due to that you could stuck there even for 5 to 6 hrs without seeing Rohtang pass. So, guys, you have to do more efforts to get Rohtang pass permit.

Rohtang pass permit for bikes

It is also compulsory to buy a permit for bikes. Bikes come under the petrol variant but if you have an electric bike then you don’t need to buy permission. Taking a bike to Rohtang pass is a great option because it has their own benefits. If you rent a bike for Rohtang pass it will save your money as well as time. In Rohtang pass, there is always 2 to 3 hrs. jam, so if you don’t want to stuck in that jam then the bike is a great option for you. Secondly, it will save your lots of money.

Because the price of the small car for Rohtang pass will be around Rs6500 in the main season. So it is advisable to rent a bike for Rohtang pass. I know everyone has one question why the price for Rohtang pass is so high.

When there are limited resources or we can say limited things and unlimited users then there is always a fight and this time fight is for Rohtang pass permit. In this case, no one has falt, because everyone has their own problem, Driver can’t do anything because they have to pay a lot for getting their permit for Rohtang pass. Sometimes they have to pay 2000 for getting a permit. Rather than doing this just rent a bike for Rohtang pass. But nowadays the bike permit for rohtang pass has been closed so if you want to visit rohtang pass on bike then you have to take permission from SDM office Manali.

Rohtang pass permit Cost

This is a very important question or you can say very important matter on which we may have a long discussion. You won’t find any exact answer for this because it depends on your dates and your choices of vehicle. According to the NGT, they will charge you only 550 for issuing the Rohtang pass permit but the main problem is it is not easy or I can say sometimes it is impossible to get that. For booking your slot you have two options either you have to be on the computer for 3 to 4 hours for booking in that case you have 4% chance to get the permission or 2nd way is you can tell Us we can do that for you. We have high processing end computer by which you can get permission easily.

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Rohtang pass permit 2018

For  permit you have to call us directly so we can help you go get permission. It is totally your choice either you can Book us or you can try on your own so the choice is yours.

Documents need for Permission

If you want to take your vehicle to Rohtang pass then for that we need some of your documents information’s

Driving License

Vehicle Number


Number of passengers

Otherwise, if you need our services then you don’t need these documents. Everything will our own. Earlier you contact us more discount you will get. If you book us before 1 week or 2 weeks or you can book us even 2 months before then you will get more discount. But if you book 2 days before or 1 day then the price will be automatically high. So don’t wait too much just book your slot for the next Rohtang pass trip.

Call +917018115125 & Book Rohtang pass for 4 person @₹2990 Hurry.

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