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River Rafting in Manali

River Rafting in Manali: Manali is one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal. Himachal has many adventure destination but Kullu Manali is the best for Trekking, Paragliding, Rafting etc. Kullu Manali is also one of most visited tourist place in India.Just feel the best experience like never before of memorable whitewater experience at Kullu. When the River Beas and Parvati merge together then it gives you the ultimate enjoyment of river rafting with lots of rapids. The rafting starts of the river and ends after 30-40 minutes distance of 8km. We have professional to make you thrilled by the rapids. We have three type of river rafting in manali short (4km), medium (8km), Long (14km).Price may vary according to the length of ride.

Best time for river rafting in Manali

As rafting is a totally thrilling sport but in less water, it will not going to give you that much thrill. And in the month of July-Aug-Sep rafting is closed due to rain and floods. So the best time is from September to December and April to June.

river rafting in kullu manali

Safety Measures during River rafting in Manali

Kullu Valley has more than 4 best rafting point. Manali, Katrai, Babeli, Pirdi and last but most thrilling Jhiri Bajaura. All the waterway boating campaigns in Manali are directed and managed by specialists and experienced staff who have adequate experience and preparing in taking care of any crisis circumstances also.

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River rafting in manali

  River Rafting in Manali Price

Price may vary according to your choice. Kpl expeditions has three variety. 


Short Ride:

Short ride is one of the best and thrilling ride because it gives you huge thrill in small time. This ride is best for those people who don’t love water that much or we can say who don’t like to be wet. And if you have less budget means you have small budget but you need big dhamaka then this is for you. 

Short ride which will take 40 minutes to complete and total 5km in lenth. 



Medium Ride:

This is best for family type person and for those who has come with their family.

We can say best for kids as well as their parents.

Medium ride, which takes 50min to 50min to complete and the distance is 6km. Price for this ride is 700PP

river rafting in kullu


Long ride is for those people who really love adventure or thrill. Because during this you will get chance to dive into beas river. So don’t thing too much before choose this ride. In this ride you will find some beautiful rapids as well as one of the most dangerous rapids so e ready for the thrill. 

Long ride, which takes 60min to 80min to complete and the distance is 8km. Price for this ride is 999PP

Extra Long Ride

This ride is very time consuming and it is advisable to do this ride only in summer because some time people might fell ill after spending too much time in chilled water. 

But if are a crazy adventure lover then you can go on this ride without thinking too much. Because this ride will defiantly gives you goosebumps.

This ride usually takes 2-3 hrs to complete so before taking this ride don’t try to make it faster. The distance in this ride is 14kms. 

River rafting in manali
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River rafting in Manali
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 8 reviews
by B.r Singh on River rafting in Manali
Awesome trip

It was an awesome trip, I loved those rapids specially swimming. The water was so cold.

by Dimriankur on River rafting in Manali
One of the best adventure provider

Thanks KPL for making our trip so adventurous. We have done rafting paragliding and trekking with KPL and these guys are so dedicated to their work. Keep up the good work.

by shivani mehta on River rafting in Manali
That was too cold.

When I entered into the river I was totally freezing and also pushed by guide but the experience was awesome.

by Akash pinne on River rafting in Manali
Best river rafting in Manali

We were 8 friends from Delhi, and we have booked paragliding in rafting from KPL. They have proved that "Adventure Matlab KPL"

by tanvi on River rafting in Manali
River rafting in manali

thanks Kpl for making our trip more thrilling, I will never forgot that moment when shashank through me into the river while rafting. I highly recommends KPL.

by raghav on River rafting in Manali
river rafting in manali

Had a great Experience.

by Shanaya on River rafting in Manali
River rating in Manali

We were total 8 people group and we have booked rafting & paragliding from Kpl and we got 40% instant discount. Guide was so professional or even we dive into the water after 4KM. SO it was totally fun Thanks Kpl Highly Recommended.

by Vickey on River rafting in Manali
River rafting in manali

Had an amazing experience with Experienced company KPL. Thanks KPl for those Rapids and all masti in water. Highly Recommended.