River rafting in Kullu:

River rafting is a very interesting adventure sport. When we talk about river rafting in Himachal. Then only one place come into everyone mind that is Kullu Manali. River rafting in Kullu will definitely gives you a next level of thrill. Kullu is the valley where you will find every adventure sport from Trekking to paragliding. But nowadays rafting become so popular in Kullu every year million of tourists do these water sports activities.

Grade level of river rafting:

It depends on the risk of particular sport. The more difficult sport is the more grade it will have.

River rafting in kullu Grades:

Kullu has grade 3, 4 level. In summer it has grade 4 level and in winter it has grade 2 and 3.

Best river rafting in kullu:

In Kullu there are many points from where you can feel the breeze of chilled Beas river but if you need some extra thrill then you should go for some certain point.

In Kullu Manali there are some best and famous rafting point like, Dobhi,Babeli, Pirdi and Bajaura-Jhiri. Babeli and dobhi are very famous but has less water then jhiri, if you are looking for more thrilling and adventure then you should go for Bajaura Jhiri. Because after bhuntar Beas river and Parvati merges and make twice the river of Beas.

Short River Rafting:

Short rafting will take your 30 min to 40 to complete. If you want to enjoy rapids and you don’t have much time you can choose short ride.

river rafting in kullu-manali

Medium Ride:

This ride will take 40 to 60min to complete. This ride is best for everyone it’s not expensive and it has best rapids. This type is best for family friends and children.

River Rafting in Manali

Long ride:

This ride will take 2 to 2:30 hr to complete. This ride is best for those people who want some extreme level of adventure.

River rafting in Manali