Prashar lake trek

A full Travel Guide for Prashar lake

May 22, 2018

Prashar lake

Prashar lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in World. Prashar  is the totally offbeat place, So guys I am sharing the full guide detailed for how you can go to Prashar lake, What you should do there and what you shouldn’t Do there.

Prashar lake
Photo Taken in Winter Trek 01-15-2018. PC Naveen Thakur

Intro: Prashar lake situated 48KM far from Bajaura Distt Kullu Himachal Pradesh. This Prashar lake has a beautiful temple dedicated to the Prashar Rishi. The height of this lake is 2730 M above sea level. The lake has a floating Island In it, Which moves from one side to other every time. But you can’t notice this because the processing is very slow.

Why You Should Visit Prashar lake

Before I have visited this beautiful lake, I was always thinking that why should I visit this lake because on the internet no one explains beautifully by which you can get influenced. But when I visited this Beautiful lake I got shocked by watching this beautiful lake. If you seriously want to enjoy your holiday in some offbeat place then You must visit this place. One important thing about this place is you don’t need 4-5 days for this I will explain further about these things. I can’t explain the beauty of Prashar lake because it can’t be explained in words. The temple is also amazing and beautiful design you can say it is a kind of Masterpiece. If you are a serious adventure lover or offbeat places or if you want to see real architecture then this place is for you.

Prashar lake trek 2018
Taken in winter trek 2018. PC Kattapa

How you can reach Prashar Lake:

You don’t need to worry about this because It is not that much difficult. So here I am explaining you everything. First time I have been to Prashar lake solo, And 2nd time I have been to Prashar with KPL Expeditions. So, I have a great experience both time. So let’s start the full guide for Delhi to Prashar Lake.

Prashar lake is situated in Distt Mandi Himachal Pradesh, But also has the same distance from Bajaura(Kullu). So it is totally your choice, I recommend you bajaura because Bajaura is the hub for the Adventure activities, If you love adventure activities like rafting Paragliding etc then the Bajura is a great choice. Or you have other option, you can go by Mandi-Prashar or can come by Prashar- Bajaura Route.

prashar lake areal view
Photo taken 25 April 2018. PC-Rohit

For reaching Prashar you have to take Either Bus or Plane from Delhi. But plane tickets are so expensive from Delhi to Bhuntar because of fewer passengers traveling in this route. So you can take a Volvo from Delhi to Manali. Because this is the route bus, they will charge you same for Mandi, Bajaura and Manali as well, But government Volvo will charge you less in case of Delhi-Mandi. My ticket price was 1200 Delhi to Bhuntar.

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Where to Buy ticket and Get-on the Bus:

You can do it by online as well as offline, Some time online will charge you more. In Delhi, there are mainly two stations from where they will pick you up.

  • Kashmiri Gate
  • Majnu Ka Tilla

The timing for Delhi to Manali Bus is from 5 PM onward till 10 PM. You may ask why you use Delhi to Manali because the Bust route is Delhi-Manali But You have to leave your bus at Mandi or Bajaura. Mandi is 110KM before Manali, whereas Bajaura is only 54KM before the Manali.

A trick to get cheaper Ticket for same seat or Volvo:

This is my trick and I usually do this when I travel. If you are a solo traveler or maybe two friends then this trick is for you, but if you are in a group then please don’t do this. So here is the trick. When you come to the place Majnu-ka-Tilla after 5 PM Buses came there for the passengers, All you have to do is ask Conductor for seat, Important thing is to use this line”Bhai main Har Bar Itne me hi Jata hoon”Sometimes I travelled to Manali from Delhi @700 only, So, guys, you can try this trick it will work 99%, 1% is your luck. In my case, it worked every time. Here is a real example When I went to Manali last Year in 2017 I had not booked any ticket only but I Have checked the Price, online the price was 1300 for Chamunda Volvo Bus. But after applying this trick I just paid 900 Rupees. So, guys, you can also apply this trick. This trick was told by KPL host(Naveen).

 What time you should take Bus..?:

This will decide your travel, The best time for taking the bus is after 7 PM Because the bus will take 08-10 Hrs from Delhi to Mandi. If you reach before 7 am at Mandi then you can take a direct bus from Mandi to Prashar. The bus starts at 7 am and reaches at 11 am at Prashar. If you love comfortable journey then you should hire a taxi, because Hrtc buses on these roads will give you hard jump on your bum. This option is for those people who want to go directly to Prashar Lake, not by trekking.

Prashar lake trek
Campsite at Prashar
  • Prashar lake trek (Trek for 4-5Hrs): If you are a trekking lover then this option is for you. For this, you have to take a bus till Baggi Village and start your trek after this village. If you want to do rest for a day then in baggi village you will find some guesthouse. if you stay in baggi, you can start your trek early in the morning otherwise you can start your trek till 12 PM don’t start your trek after 2 PM and don’t trek alone because of animals. Animal attacks are frequent in these kinds of places. The trail for Prashar lake is not that much difficult, I can say that it’s a trek for a beginner because during trek you will find dense forest and this trek is not that much steeper. I can guarantee you will love this trekking trail. After reaching Prashar you will find beautiful meadows.

Prashar  Lake treks in December:

You can also go on this trek in Winter(December) Because this time mostly snowfall happens and the Prashar lake covers with snow. This is the time when you can go to this snow trek with your loved ones. If you have a girlfriend then you can enjoy every moment of this winter season. This time highly recommended for couples.

Where to stay in Prashar lake.?:

This will a question every trekkers and adventure lovers have. This is not a difficult job to find accommodation in Prashar lake.

Prashar lake Guest House:

You will find few Guesthouse in Prashar lake. They will charge you 700 to 800 for 1 Night. There is 1 forest guest house with reasonable price and there are also camps options to stay in. According to me if you choose these kinds of places for your adventure trip then you should live in Tents, not in Guesthouse. Because camping in Prashar will make you a nature lover.

Prashar lake temperature:

The temperature of this place is always remaining pleasant. In winter the temperature falls to -14 Degree and in Summer goes up to 18 Degree in Daytime and 7 Degree in Nighttime.

Important Things about Prashar lake:

Don’t pitch your tent anywhere, just ask local people because in the temple are you are not allowed to pitch tents. You will find a whole fencing in Prashar lake surrounding. So please don’t pitch your tent in that fencing area. Don’t litter anywhere, whatever you have plastic bottles and rappers you can take those with you and put into dustbin don’t make this beautiful place dirty. It is our duty to clean this place.

My experience With KPL:

First time I have been to Prashar lake as a solo traveler with my own, By taking bus and taxi that experience is a tough one because if you do everything by your own that become challenging at every point. But I love my first one also because that trip teaches me a lot thing about adventure.

But 2nd time I have gone there with my friends we were total 4 couples so total 8 persons, So with my friend reference I choose KPL Expeditions. I wish if I had some more days with those Guys. The Kpl team is professional and important thing they never make you feel tired and depressed whatever you need they will bring that for you. Food was awesome Nonveg/ Veg. we have done camping 300mt far from Prashar lake. I never forget the bonfire with music and all. And more thing you will find two interesting people with this company 1) Rakka and 2nd Kattapa. These guys are so talented and if you have these people you won’t find any trouble around you. The morning sunrise will give you full energy.I highly recommend KPL for you guys. In August we have Leh tour with KPL Expeditions. Please don’t forget to check out this blog because in Aug I will be back with my another story.

My total expense at first time from Delhi to Delhi  was 5K. But with the help of KPL we charged only Rs4500.