Malana Village

Malana Village-Descendants of Alexandra the great

August 19, 2018

Malana Village-

Malana village, A village which is totally different from world and you can’t imagine the life of a tourist in Malana even for one days. So, I will put some light on that life of 3 Days.

Life of tourist in Malana village for 3 Days. When the first ray of sun strike on snow-capped mountain in Malana the journey of a tourist begins from that. And when the ray reaches at the guest house in Malana then the real Malanis life starts. So, when tourist check into its Guest house, 99% he would ask for weed-Malana Cream as you know you can het easily in Malana. So, all they had smoking hash whole night till the 4am of morning, because they had Smoking Malana cream so its not possible to get up Next day so some of them even wake up on 3 day. Even in two days the did not move single step because they were asleep.

Malana Village

I know you are thinking that it can’t be true, But its 100% true. This is the holidays for many tourists came from all over the India. According to me, it is good and it is also bad. Because some people came here only to try but some came here because of their obsession about this. So, don’t be an obsessed, although You can try it. Malana village hash comes under the best hash in the world list and Malana village has many secrets so in this blog I will try to explain Life in Malana village and something tricky about Malana village.

Malana village is a small beautiful village in Kullu District Himachal Pradesh and situated at the height of 9500 Feet above sea level.There are few Questions that frequently asked by many people.

Why one should go to Malana:

99% people always thing that if a person is planning to visit or just visited malana, it means he has been to malana only for Hash. But this is not true or not 100% truth. Because many people want to visit malana for their diversity. Malana is so diverse from all the villages in India. I don” want to tell you those things because you should go there and check by yourself.

How to reach Malana Village:

When you take a Volvo from Delhi to Manali. You have to leave your bus at bhuntar, Bhuntar is a very small town 9km before kullu. In Bhuntar you have three options

  • Hire a taxi, starting from 1200 one side
  • Rent a bike from bhuntar. Get best prices from KPL Expeditions.
  • Bus (on particular time) from bhuntar bus-stand route is Bhuntar Malana.
  • KPL Expeditions special package starts from 1800PP 2D/1N including Taxi, camping bonfire, Dinner, breakfast.

Malana village produces world best Hash:

Yes,you have read right thing that Malana village produces one of world best hash. Even in whole Kullu-valley you will find a good quality Hash. It comes on the top because it is highly oil content and has an aroma fragrance. But the most Important thing is Malana cream also is the most expensive hash in the USA.

Malana village rule List:

There is a whole list of rules in Malana village you have to follow that rule other wise you have to pay a heavy fine.

  • You can’t touch anything, if you do so there is Rs3000 fine for that offence.
  • You can’t take anything from village to outside.
  • Campfire and bonfire are not allowed in Malana.
  • You can take some dry branches outside of Malana village.
  • There is no entry for any policeman in village, I know after knew this thing you want to go there. But if someone does so then there is a 2000(now increased) fine for that person.

Descendants of Alexander the Great:

Malana doesn’t follow Indian law means they have their own local jurisdiction which is similar to ancient Greek system. They consider themselves as the descendants of Alexander the great.

Malana Village trek:

Trek to the Malana is just 2KM and it takes only 1hr to reach from the road. The road is not that much wide so you have to take care of yourself while walk on those roads. In rain it can be more difficult for tourist other wise its  a easy trek.

Tourists allowed or not Allowed

Tourist and outsider are allowed in Malana there is no such kind of restriction. There is wrong perceptions made by those blogger and you-tuber who is not well behaved them-self, If you not well behaved in any village of this world no one will like you, so if you are a good person no one going to trouble you. People of Malana is very nice, Most of them always welcome you to the Malana.

Malana Village

Is it safe to stay in Malana:

Yes,it is totally safe to stay here in Malana. Even I can say whole Kullu-Manali is safe for stay but its individual duty to ask before you choose any accommodations.Because in every corner of world always there is some bad people.

Is it safe for Couple:

Yes, Malana is totally safe for couples. You can have a good quality time in Malana.