Malana Cream

Malana Cream | Stoner’s Dream

September 3, 2018

Malana Cream

Before this you should know about Malana village. Malana village is one of the most diverse village. In Malana you will find many different things and If you are planning to go there then you should know all these things otherwise you have to pay fine. Malana is also very beautiful every year thousands of tourists came here for its beauty. And there is no counting about those people who comes here for  Malana Cream.

Malana Village

It is believed that people of Malana are the descendants of Alexandra the great. But the strange thing about villagers that they don’t follow Indian Govt. Law, yes, you read it right, in Malana they follow jamadagni rishi  the deity of that Village. If something has happened in this village they don’t go to the police station, instead of that they go to Gur who decided who is the culprit, Malanies has a different way of finding the culprit. But someone needs police help then he has to pay 1500 rupees fine to the village. This is the brief story about Malana Village.

Malana hash world’s best Hash: Malana cream comes under the one of the world’s best hash. In India Marijuana is also called as Maal. But in Indian youth Malana cream is so famous that’s why thousands of people came here in Malana every year.

The Interesting Facts about Malana cream:

It’s very famous in Amsterdam. Malana cream is so pure form of cannabis so in maximum part of India, every stuff has sold on the name of Malana cream. Not only Malana, in every valley of Kullu-Manali the villagers grow Cannabis but from few years its become very low due to the strict actions of govt.

Malana Cream

No one knows this village a few years back but with the help of Media and Malana hash, there is a boom in its popularity.

THC Content Value:

Quantity of THC is the factor by which you can tell the quality of any stuff. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is mainly the constituent of cannabis. This is also using as medicine.

Malana Cream Price

This can be taken as orally or smoked and gives you the ultimate pleasure. The THC content tells you the quality of Cream and high the value means that the cannabis is of good quality. In normal marijuana or cannabis, the THC content is around 5-9% but in Malana hash the THC value is 32-42% so it’s very High.

Oil content in Malana Cream:

Alike THC content oil content is also present high in Malana cream. That’s why Malana cream is softer than any other local Hash. You can also decide the quality of the cream with the help of Oil content.

High type:

The real reason behind the popularity of marijuana is they make people high, that’s why hash lover or stoner visit Kasol and Malana.

Malana Cream

There is a lot of difference between Malana hash and other stuff. Other stuff makes you tired as well as a headache while Malana cream give you power and you can do any work after having malana cream. It will never give you a headache.

Cream Taste:

The taste also plays a big role in Malana hash. Because Malana cream has a different taste like Mango while other stuff is very bitter in taste, sometime it also taste like ghee.

How you can Identify Its Malana Cream:

It’s not that much difficult to identify Malana hash because it has a different property then rest of hash. You can identify by taste, you can also identify by touching because it’s very soft.

Malana Cream Price:

It varies according to the cream quality because in Malana hash you will find three to four variety. The below price is on per tola. And 1 tola= 11.66 gm

Malana: 25$

Delhi: 90$

Goa: 110$

Amsterdam: 300$.

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