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A full Detailed Guide to Kheerganga trek

April 14, 2018

A full Travel Guide for Kheerganga trek.

Kheerganga trek is one of the amazing trek for short time. Kheerganga trek will give you the chance to complete your dream of moderate trek. Here I am just trying to give you a detailed about my trip to Kheerganga. Hope you will like this. Let’s start with the Barshaini for Kheerganga trek.

Kheerganga is situated at the altitude of 2960m above sea level. Kheerganga trek is in the middle of Parvati Valley or you can say that it is not visible even from the starting point of the trek.

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Why Kheerganga trek is so special:

In Kheerganga you will find a Shiva temple and 200 mt above there is Karthik swami cave. According to locals Parvati and his son Kartik lived here in Kheerganga for many years. Kartik was so mesmerized by the beauty of this place so he decided to meditate here for more years.

After this, I am going to tell you the full story that how you should start your journey.

Kheerganga trek10Kheerganga is located in the district of Kullu. So for Kheerganga first you have to reach Bhuntar. Bhuntar is a small town and also center for Manali and Kasol. Bhuntar is 10 km before the Kullu. For reaching bhuntar one can take the bus from Delhi to Manali. In Delhi, you should take the Volvo bus either from Kashmiri gate or you can take a bus from Majnu ka Tilla. All the buses leave Delhi in the evening after 6 PM from Delhi and arrive at morning around 7-8AM. And after reaching Bhuntar you can go either by bus or taxi. There is local bus stand near Volvo bus stand bhuntar. Or you can go by taxi. The taxi stand is also 100 meters far from there, so you can choose any of them.

Important Information:

If you are a beginner in trekking then it is recommended to rest for the first day and start Kheerganga trek next day of arrival.

Where to go on the first day:

You can go to tosh for the first day or you can have some adventure activity in Bajaura(4km far from bhuntar). Bajaura is the Main center for paragliding and rafting in Kullu-Manali. Or the second option is that you can go directly to tosh. Spend one day there and relax in the lap of nature. By this, you can be safe from the high-altitude sickness. If it is your willingness to go kheergnaga then you must start your trek before 1 pm because if you start your trek after 1 pm it will be more challenging to complete the trek before 7oclock. Some time It will be more difficult to find a good shelter over there in kheerganga.

What to do in Bhuntar:

After finding bus or taxi you have to go to Barshaini, the total distance from bhuntar to barshaini is 49 km. It will take around 3 hrs to reach there by bus. Before reaching barshaini you have to complete to major spot that is Kasol and Manikaran. And the bus will stop at Manikaran for 40Minutes. Barshaini is basically a small village with the little basic facility. After barshaini, the road will lead till tosh. Tosh is the last motorable station in Parvati valley. The distance from Barshaini to tosh is just 4km.

After Reaching Barshaini what to do:

For reaching Kheerganga there are 3 ways to achieve that. One way is from Tosh. And the 2nd way is from barshaini via nakthan village. The 1st and 2nd route will be connected to the Nakthan village. And the third one which is not that much easy from Kalga village. Now, barshaini is not that much beautiful because of hydro projects. But at barshaini you will find beautiful confluence of rivers .

The total trekking distance from Barshaini to Kheerganga is 11kms. The total time this trek will take around 4-5 Hours. The trek from nakthan village and rudarnag will take you through apple orchards and beautiful Baan Trees. From barshaini to rudarnag the trek is not that much difficult, But after rudarnaag to Kheerganga it’s more steep and difficult.But now after completion of the dam you have to go 100mtrs after barshaini to start your trek. It is visible to find the trails from barshaini to Kheerganga.

Kheerganga trek8But you go from kalga village then you have to take right after the hydro project bridge. The trail through kalga village os more difficult then nakthan village. This route is through the dense forest so it is obvious for new people to lost their way to Kheerganga. So it is advisable to go from Nakthan village. Because this route is used by max trekkers.  It is our duty to respect the nature and don’t litter here and there in the nature.

A a beautiful small stream of the river came from the top of the Kheerganga with huge sound.

Can we stay in Barshaini: 

Barshaini has few homestays in neighborhood. Barshaini has principally market, not a grocery store. You possibly can buy fruits and a few chutter putter from barshaini. Tosh is well-liked vacation spot and has several choices to stay, starting from accommodations to homestays.  There are additionally a variety in cafés. Due to heavy rush in tosh now the prices also increased. On the opposite aspect, if you want to try traditional stay then this will be cheaper than the guest house. Per day this kalga village homestay will charge you only 100-200 Bucks.

Can beginner go Kheerganga trek:

Yes, it is a not difficult trek. One can easily complete this trek. Even if you want to come back from Kheerganga same day that is also possible but for that reason, you have to start your trek early. And one very important thing never become overconfident about your self and always respect nature. If you respect nature it won’t let you but don’t try to play with it sometimes you can get into great trouble. This is my opinion as well as a warning. Take your decision first then implementation.

Kheerganga trek from bhuntar

Most Important thing about kheerganga trek:

This is my personal opinion so please read this carefully. Now India has been changed so the people. Nowadays I have seen many real examples of a youngster who planned an unplanned and also a solo trip.  So guys before you even think about this kind of journey please first gather at least full information about that. I am a local in Kullu-Manali so every year I Have seen many real examples of missing people in this valley.

Incident based on the Real story:

Last year when I had heard a news about some people stuck in Jari top(Parvati valley). The rescue team sent by hp government they found them after two days. The rescue team also informed by local because they saw them while they trek. They were in very bad condition when they found them they were total 5-6 people in which some of them caught by hypothermia. Some were in very bad condition even hey can’t talk at that time.

When they were taken to the hospital. After discharged from hospitals they told that they even did not tell their parents about this trip. Can you believe guys? One thing I want to ask is there any fault of our parents that they trust us blindly. What about that feeling when you go on an unplanned journey and you did not even tell your parents about that,  and in that trip, you might get injured. Someone informed your parents that your son/daughter has been badly injured, by this kind of news parents can get heart attack also. So guys next time if you are planning please tell your parents first. You can even check these 1stnews here2nd news.

The Path:

In this trek, Whichever way you pick, the start is a short delicate climb. During your jouney to nakthan you will find many beautiful trees. Transcending deodar trees on the way from Kalga and nature looking more dominance in that way. Nakthan town is a customary Himachali town with little stone,wood and mud homes and furthermore has a couple of bistros for voyagers and trekkers. Lately, a couple of homes have likewise begun offering staying offices for trekkers.

Rudarnaag is center of the trek. After reaching rudarnag you can fill your bottle with a natural waterfall. This waterfall will give you the fresh feeling. But first, check the water before putting into the bottle because sometimes during rain it can messy. After rudarnag you have walk 20 minutes for reaching a small bridge on the river. And you will also find a dhaba over there, you can have Maggie in that dhaba.

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This bridge is the center point for both routes nakthan as well as kalga. After this bridge, you have to shift your gear from 3rd to first because of the steeper trail till Kheerganga. After this bridge, you will find many shortcuts but don’t take those because they will make your life short. Shortcuts are principally utilized by locals, travelers have many a time had deadly experiences after they slipped and some time they fall into the kheerganga river, after making an attempt to take a dangerous shortcut.

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By trekking on this trail, you will find huge deodar trees. The bad thing about this trail is you have to push your body harder for an uphill climb, and best about this you will find shadows and sitting station until Kheerganga.

Kheerganga trek5After a walk of 50 minutes, you will find a beautiful waterfall with its soft music. It looks amazing in the summer.

One thing to remember is to please trek according to your stamina and confidence because if you get to sleep over this trail you will fall directly into that river and that river is too fast and no one will be going to save you.

If you are trekking alone then it is advisable that wait for someone and start your trek with them. Because after the bridge if you are trekking alone no one going to save you from jungle animal they could be dogs, Bear etc.

Kheerganga trek

Where should I Stay in Kheerganga:

There are no hotels at Kheerganga till now. But you will find much open space café over there where 40-50 people can adjust. So it is also advisable to buy accommodation instant after reaching there Because during peak season you won’t find anything.

kheerganga trek

So, you can rent a tent over there or there is also a dormitory system. They don’t look like a dormitory but you can say it a common sleeping area for everyone. In winter you will find tandoor in these cafés and that will protect you from the chilled out there. And one important thing you won’t find attached bathroom, so you have to share with other. There is also the option of personal tents for the couple at the cost of 500 per tents.

Food during Kheerganga trek:

You won’t find any delicious food over there but you will defiantly find expensive food. So you can take some packets or even carry some fruits with you to protect your self from starving. You can also have some chocolate during trek this will gives you the energy to climb the steeper hill.

Rudarnaag kheerganga

After reaching Kheerganga and buying accommodation for you now its turn for some adventure or relaxation. After this, you can directly go to Shiva temple and drink sacred whitewater. Not its time to take your clothes off and dive into the hot spring. Don’t worry this hot spring has an enclosure. For a man, it is left and for a woman, it is on the right side. But after 6 pm you cannot take bath in hot spring. Maintain silence around that temple and hot spring. Please ensure that as responsible travelers you don’t litter the place and try to maintain it as clean as possible.

 Kheerganga Trek in winter

But if you are planning in winter then you should take your tents with you guys. Because you won’t find any huts or cafe over there. Now one question arises here that should anyone go on this trek in winter. Yes, you can go there in winter too but first, you should check weather forecast then take a decision to go there. Don’t make the unplanned trek in winter because there can be heavy snowfall in the winter season. You should not go there till January to march.

Kheerganga Trek 2019

It can be quite cold over there in kheerganga, it is advisable to carry woolen clothe with a jacket, the jacket should be waterproof because in Kheerganga the weather can change anytime. Kheerganga has Bsnl network but at some point, it is advisable to make an important call before leaving barshaini. You can also carry power bank with you. Put some extra cash when you leaving for kheerganga trek because it can help you out there in Kheerganga because some time due to bad weather condition you have stayed there for more than a day. Carry less weight as much as you can.

Total expenses that have to spend on this trek. Delhi to Delhi 4000. And Bhuntar to bhuntar it will be around 2000. You can also go with travel company they charge just 2500 and give you the best experience.