kasol rave party 2019-2020

kasol rave party

August 22, 2018

Kasol rave party

Many people looking for Kasol rave party every year but they don’t find any good result so in this blog I will try to Explain everything if you have any doubts after reading this, then please ask in the comment section down below. Kasol is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal and also is one of the most popular tourist destinations especially for adults. Kasol is also called as Mini Israel because in Kasol you will find 20 percent people Israelis. Even thousands of Israelis are now become Indian by marrying with local people of Kullu. But in this blog, I will tell you all about Kasol rave party. So, let’s start

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New year Party 2019:-

we are organizing two new year party first in Kasol and 2nd in Tosh. Tosh is just 20 Km ahead Kasol. Tosh is a very beautiful place for parties and camping. For tosh you have to walk for 25 min. And the other one is going to held in Kasol just 0.5km from main Kasol market.


Basic info about Kasol rave party:

Rave parties conducted every year in Kasol by different groups. The best locations for these rave parties are Kasol, chalal, etc. and even in different part of Kullu. The best thing about these parties there are many foreign people attend these party, particular Israelis.

kasol rave party 2019-2020

Kasol Rave party 2019:

There will be the scheduled party that is going to conducted by some People in Kasol. But there are only a few people or a company that gives you a problem free party. The locations will be Kasol chalal, Bhuntar, Jhiri, Kutla, Prashar, Manali(2km far), etc. These are some beautiful places in which parties might happen in 2019. At parties, there are Cold-drinks, drinks, Veg non-veg, and Music. But KPL Expeditions is only one company who offers you a full adventure package with the 31st party. So, you can check all the latest offers provide by KPL.

kasol rave party 2020

Rave parties are now Banned:

After 2016 rave parties are banned officially, the reason behind this is deaths due to drugs. Before 2016 it became the trend to use drugs in kasol are, but after system get information about these things they had taken this step, so they banned rave parties in Kasol. But don’t worry its banned illegally but if you try to conduct a pure party, then you can do so. All you have to do is ask your question in front of us, and we will solve all your doubts about kasol rave party.

Why should I go to Kasol rave party:

If you enjoy the new year with some blast with nature, then you must go to Kasol and Kullu-Manali. And if you want to try some traditional food, then you must go to these party. There is also one more thing in these parties they also offer your local wine like soor and lugri, Now lugri become so famous after used by Ranbir Kapoor in Anjana-Anjani Movie. That taste so good.

kasol rave party 2020

Why you shouldn’t go to kasol rave party:

It also has many reasons; if you love peace, then you shouldn’t go to these party because in these party there are very loud trance. If you are a nature lover, then you can go to nearby places. In these party you will find some goons so if you are a shy person then this can be a good time you to get rid of your shyness, but If it’s your choice, then you shouldn’t come. If you don’t drink then also you might not like these parties. Don’t worry KPL has an excellent option for you, we have many adventure packages with camping, trekking, rafting, paragliding and many more all you have to do is check our latest packages @www.kplexpeditions.com, or you can call us.