How to get kheerganga Permit

How to get Permit for Kheerganga

May 27, 2018
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How to get Kheerganga Permit?

How to get kheerganga permit is now become a big Question. The news has been spread that Kheerganga is closed for any commercial use. Yes, you are right because last month on April DFO ordered to local people who had permanent tents over encroachment land at Kheerganga to remove those tents in one month till 25 May. It is a great step taken by Forest Dept. Now you won’t allow throwing any kind of garbage over there in Kheerganga Meadows. And it may have subjected to the offense or a fine so next time you go there don’t try to make it dirty. Now camps and cafés booted out of Kheerganga. This great decision has been taken by Forest department because high altitude land comes under forest land so no commercial Activity is allowed.

“ Baat esi hai ki Kheerganga kabhi allowed hi nahi tha commercial use ke liye. But kabhi implementation nahi ki gayi pahle govt. officer se, so aajtak aaply nahi kia. Ab Kheerganga total banned area hai kisi bhi dhabe ke lie. To guys next time jaoge to khane ka pura saman leke hi jana. ”

Kheerganga which is located at the height of 3050M above sea level has their own beauty. Nowadays Kheerganga becomes so popular among young tourist, especially in trekkers. At Kheerganga at least 50 cafés had pitched illegally and damaged the ecological trekking destination.

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Are tourists Allowed in Kheerganga?

Kheerganga is a pilgrimage site but due to some fringe elements it become more popular for drugs addicted people. Because many people go there for only drinking n all. It is a humble request don’t go in the temple when you are drunk. I know this is a beautiful tourist destination for you but for local people it is a holy place where they worship lord Shiva nad Karthik Swami. But if you are an adventure lover then there is no problem for you. Tourist will still be allowed in Kheerganga. You can go to Kheerganga but you have to bring garbage back with you that you have taken to Kheerganga with you.

 Can we pitch our tents in Kheerganga?

Yes, tourist can pitch their tents in Kheerganga but for that, you have to take permission from forest department. It also depends on you that for how many days you wanna stay there in kheerganga. The reason behind this step is also the Garbage. So you have to take your garbage with you and throw it inti dustbins in Barshaini or Manikaran.

                                       How to get forest department permission?

Now if you want to pitch tents in Kheerganga then you have to take permission from Forest department. Parvati valley comes under the Shamshi Forest Department so you have to take permission from Shamshi Forest Department. Shamshi forest department is just 2km From Bhuntar You can go there and get the permission. For more Details, you can Call Us +917018115125.

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