Camping in Choj/Kasol

Camping in Kasol/Choj

September 28, 2018

Camping in Kasol/Choj:

Camping in kasol/choj: Nowadays camping become so popular among Indian youth as well as children. The value of camping in Kasol and Manali can be determine only by the youth. Kullu-Manali has some best places for Camping like Manali, Tosh, Kutla, Kasol, Choj and many more.

If you don’t like camping much then you should try choj at-least once in your life, You will start thinking about camping after staying here.u00a0

Choj village:

Choj village is just 26km from bhuntar and just 3km before the Manikaran. From choj you can also do trekking to reach at Manikaran. Manikaran is also one of the most beautiful place you can enjoy hot-spring in Manikaran with the blessing of lord Shiva and Ram. Manikaran is also famous for Gurudwara and every year thousands of pilgrims came here to visit Temple and gurudwara.u00a0

Choj village is just 1/2 km from Main kasol. Choj village is small and beautiful village near bank of Parvati river. Choj village is situated at the height of 5410 feet above sea level.u00a0

Best thing about Camping in Choj village:

Choj village is far from city noise so you can enjoy your noise free stay in choj. Camping in kasol/choj is good but camping with KPL will be awesome. KPL is famous for their different way of adventure delivery. So you can book your stay with KPL in Choj Village.

Offer1:Camping in Kasol/choj

KPL not going to provide you only camping but with the camping they will give you extra small trekking fun. When you will reach at kasol all you have to do is just give a call to KPL service and the KPL guide will take you to the choj village through the beautiful dense forest. If you need peace of mind then you are at right place just book your stay with KPL in choj village.

Staying in Choj village is always a Great Fun.

camping in Choj


Offer 2: Camping with Dinner and Breakfast:

  • In this you will get Dinner and breakfast with music .
  • You can enjoy your dinner either in Dining area or in the nature the choice is yours.
  • You can also enjoy traditional food.


Offer 3: Camping+ meals + Bike

In this offer you will get camping with stay and meals plus in this offer you have the change to get 20% discount on Bike rentals.

Bike renting price from Bhuntar is 1300 per day but if you choose both then it will just cost you ₹1000 the choice is your.


Offer4Camping(meals) + Paragliding +Raftingu00a0

This is the most selling koffer of kpl. Because in this offer you will get every adventure at very reasonable price. In this you can enjoy the most thrilling river rafting of Himachal. Because Bajauara rafting is grade 4 level and is best rafting of Himachal. Kullu has also best level of Paragliding. Total time on air is 9 to 18 Minutes depends on the air condition.

If you buy separately then it would cost you as following.

Paragliding : ₹3000

Rafting: ₹91000

Camping and stay:  ₹1200

Total: 5200

camping in kasol/choj


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