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Bike on rent in bhuntar-kasol

April 23, 2018

 Bike on rent in bhuntar-kasol

Bike on rent in Bhuntar: It is always difficult to search good bike on rent in Bhuntar/kasol/Manali. If you seriously want to hire a bike for kasol and all nearby places, Then you must  rent a bike from Bhuntar. Because if you renting a bike from kasol then you have to hire a taxi or have to travel in local buses, So it is highly advisable to rent a bike from Bhuntar. Ride a bike from Bhuntar to Kasol will give you a great feeling because during this journey you will find many dense devdar forest.

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One of the best ways to discover Kasol and tosh is on a motorbike. We provide you with all the knowledge you want about bike leases in Bhuntar-Kasol and what it is advisable keep in mind whereas renting a motorcycle or scooter.


There are many reasons to rent a bike from bhuntar. But one of the most important reason is it will save your money and time. And i think saving time and money is a good thing for your journey. There are many advantages on renting bike in Bhuntar. Whereas in most different Indian cities you might be depending on personal automobile leases that include a driver , Bhuntar provides you the very attractive choice of renting a motorbike and getting across the place by yourself! Bike leases give you the liberty to go the place you select, whenever you select. There is no-one to nagging you to some old hotel, After renting a bike you became your ownhost, you can go where ever you want to.

What’s the greatest place for bike on rent in Bhuntar/Kasol?

Your resort supervisor is normally one of the best man to catch maintain of. Irrespective of how small your resort is, the supervisor at all times is aware of somebody who rents bikes for a dwelling and he’ll be blissful to place you on to him.

However regardless of the place you might be in Bhuntar, a motorbike rental place is simply across the nook. Both everybody is aware of somebody who rents out bikes to vacationers or they do it themselves. Bhuntar, the middle for kullu Manali, stays one of the best place to hire out bikes in Kullu. When you’ve got arrived in Bhuntar by bus, all it’s a must to do is stroll out of the terminus and also you’ll uncover greater than a handful of retailers renting out bikes. You can Direct call Mr. Naveen Thakur +917018115125.

bike on rent in bhuntar

What is price for bike on rent in Bhuntar/Kasol?

It totally depends on the time, In which time you rent a bike. In peak season you may get pulsar or avengers around Rs1000 Per day and a scooty in Rs800. But Royal Enfield and Himalayan prices are from Rs 1300 to Rs1800 a day.

Off-season charges are lower than the peak season. Any simple bike like pulsar, TVS apache etc will price around Rs800 a day and a Honda Activa scooter will price you as little as Rs 500 a day.Bullet prices from Rs 1100  to Rs1300 per day.

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What paperwork do I have to hire a motorbike in Bhuntar/Kasol?

Indian residents are required to have the next paperwork:

License: You must need a two wheeler license with gear. For renting a bike you have to submit your license copy or sometime you have to submit your original license.

Identification:  If you don’t want to submit your original license then you have t submit your other ID cards like PAN card, Adhaar Card Etc. In  Kullu-Manali you wont find anyne who can give you bike without these documents. So please take your original ID card with you.

Bike paperwork: Before renting a Bike it is your duty to check all the important documents, like RC, Insurance, PUC etc. Don’t think that Kullu police will not catch you anything because you are here for vacations. So please ask for documents.

Categories that you will find in Bhuntar/Kasol

In bhuntar you will find many bike or you can say scooty. In bike you will find mainly Bullet500, Bullet359, Himalayan, KTM Duke, Yamha R15 etc. Or in the scooty class you will find Wego, Honda activa, Yamha Ray Etc. The price for all these bikes and scooters will vary according to the conditions and model of that particular bike. So you can also get a Bullet 350 in just 900 or you can get the same model in 1400 just because of the model and conditions of that bike. So guys It is always recommended to check your bike before renting.

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Important things you must know before thinking about bike on rent in bhuntar/kasol/Kullu
1.Check the bike:

The main and most important thing that you must do while you renting a bike that is check your bike carefully for any default and you should even check your bike for scratches. Because some rental service will charge you for small scratches so please check those scratches also. The best way to check your bike is to ride your bike for 100 mtr atleast. While you do that you should check your breaks, Acc wire etc.

3.Check the Fuel:

In 100% condition the bike rentals will give you bike with very less fuel so it is recommended to fill your fuel tank in nearby filling station. If somehow you got full tank or half tank then they will ask you to fill  tank because they want exact that amount of fuel as they given you.

3. Make sure that you got the contact number of Bike rental service provider

You are renting a bike for Kasol Tosh etc. The condition of roads are quite good but who know when your bike got stuck. So you should have service provider number, Because they can arrange you any kind of help in whole state. These valleys are not that much calm because, you will hear many news about some problems that happened to tourists. S0 guys please be careful while you travel in these remote areas. And second thing you must beware of police because they will try to get money from you. So you should have the number of service provider.


It is mandatory to put helmets in India for both driver and the pillion so in Himachal. So it is advisable to ask for helmets  because some time they also charged you for helmet. Helmet is the essential part for bike rider because it can save your life. So guys you have to ask for helmet before you rent a bike and clear one thing that in that particular price are you getting the second helmet or not. Some time provider will try to convince you that there is no need to have helmets because Bhuntar police will let you go because you are a tourist. At that time don’t trust on these vendors, Just ask for your helmets.


This is also one of the most important thing that you should follow. Before you hire a bike, If you find any damages or Scratches on the bike, then please take a video or picture of bike before you start your journey. It will help you when you return your bike to the provider, If anyhow he is trying to charge you for scratches or damage in that case you can show him particular video.

6.Control you Emotions:

This is also one of the most important thing you should follow. By controlling your emotions you can have a better ride in the mountains. In these valley you will find many drug addicted drivers and it is your responsibility to avoid those creeps for small things because you are here for fun and masti so just leave that kind of things if happens. This is all about bike on rent in bhuntar/kasol.

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